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ZSV series Crusher is used for crushing all kinds of waste/new plastics. We can design it with dry/wet crushing.

Feature of ZSV model:

1.StSteel structure tank, cast steel knife rest, holder steel cutters, avoiding crack.
2.The rotary knives are arranged in V shape.This model is mainly suitable for crushing film,
compressed bottles and such similar materials。Characteristics: low electric consumption and big
3.The design of V-shape blade makes the materials move toward the center of the blade so that such
problems as accumulation of materials,frictional heating,abrasion of side wall can be avoided.
4. Movable screen, dismounting convenience, easy for cleaning and color change.
5.Sound insulation interlace is used in the feeding mouse to reduce the noise and
improve the environment.
6.This machine is capable of crushing PP/PE film and PET bottles