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About Us

Zhongsu Machine has established itself as a forerunner in the manufacture of plastic washing machine, plastic crushing machine and plastic granulating machine since 2000. With the strong conception of quality,technology inovation and service, Zhongsu Machine has earned undisputed reputation in this industry during last ten years.

As a major of plastic recycling machines, Zhongsu Machine is committed to serve the client in the best possible way. Stringent quality control in line with the management system and clean observance of the market requirements place Zhongsu Machine in the forefront to anticipate and react to customer's need.

To help improve productivity and reduce waste, Zhongsu Machine keeps focusing on technoly inovation. Bringing in advanced technology to develop with the world, absorbing talents to strong our team,collecting feedback from end-users to perfect our products,Zhongsu Machine aims to provide the service that will enhance the confidence the customer places in Zhongsu Machine and Zhongsu people.